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Funny x vide

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Funny x vide
about, and what she thinks of that Lewis Capaldi cameo.

Its incredible how people are connecting these days.

Jasmine Thompson and, zedd.

As seen in the new video for Funny, all it took was a random message from the DJ/producer to the singer-songwriter for them to rta.

I mean, its not the exact story, but it is very close, she explains.

HollywoodLife in an exclusive Interview.

We met through these producers who we both work with.

They thought that Zedd would love our song Funny and sent it to him.

He immediately wanted to collaborate.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, and a good story lies at the heart of both the song and video for Funny.

In the video, the modern creative process is put on display, with Jasmines heartbreak being turned into a new bop (with a surprise cameo from.

Lewis Capaldi andis that a YouTube comment from.

The song an irresistible slice of pop that will curl around your heart and wraps itself up in your ear takes the saying of living well is the best revenge and transforms it into your new favorite pop jam.

Jasmine talked with, hollywoodLife about the making of the video, what she thought when she first heard the final product, if shes still the biggest.

Florence The Machine fan, and more.

HollywoodLife: Was that your actual computer in the video?

(and whose idea was it to do a video like this?

Its kind of a smart take on the current crop of DIY/quarantine shot videos.).
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