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on Stimulus Package.

After Setbacks, Arizona Governor Sees a Path Forward.

Trump Stumbles Over the Word Yosemite During Bill Signing.

White House Backs Away from Proposals to Make Voting Secure.

Audio of Trumps Speakerphone Conversation With Inhofe.

This Beautiful Man: Obama, Bush, Clinton and Pelosi Honor John Lewis 03:37:17, watch Full Video: Funeral for John Lewis.

Heated Exchange During Barrs Testimony Over Roger Stone Case.

Key Moments From Combative Barr Hearing.

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Top 20 things to pecially if you are visiting Disneyland!

Sun Screen, comfortable, broken-in walking shoes, sun glasses.

Tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure if bought in advance.

Reservations to the popular Disneyland restaurants (and remember what day and time you made them for.).

Sun visors or hats, rain ponchos, autograph book.

Baggies to put camera/film/batteries in so they don't get soaked.

Lanyard for holding Disney tickets and fast passes.

Dollar bills for tipping and vending machines.
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