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Japanese mom and son sex
and underarm hair when going out in public.

But what about that other, far less public patch of hair?

The latest edition of Shogakukans, news Post Seven teamed up with an online research agency to check up on the status quo of what Japanese women nowadays do with the hair down there, especially now that attitudes in Japan.

Do they shave it?

Tidy it up every so often?

Leave it as is?

The internet survey disclosed some revealing results.

If youre a woman and visited a Japanese hot spring before, you may be able to guess that things are about to get a little hairy.

One thousand Japanese women between the ages of 20 and 69 participated in the survey about their own habits regarding pubic hair.

The average age of the respondents was.9 years, placing a large number of them into the married-with-kids category.

When asked about the density of their pubic hair, a little more than half of the women, or 53, said It grows thick.

Those women with thick growth also provided answers to the question.
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