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Picture this scene: a man is standing in the shower, soap suds and water cascade down his back, running across his toned butt cheeks and pooling below.

He slowly runs his soapy palms sensually from the base of his penis to the tip, thinking longingly of a man.

As he strokes, with eyes closed, his gay lover slips into the shower behind him.

He was supposed to be out of town, and his touch startles the first man.

Surprise then gives way to lust.

He drops to his knees, filling his sexy mouth with the man's soft penis.

The cock begins to grow instantly in his mouth, shuddering as he runs his wet tongue across every inch of its surface.

It's too big to keep it all in the mouth now.

He bobs on the pinkish tip.

His lips suck softly and beg for a wet surprise.

He rises up and presses his mouth against the other.

Their tongues play together, diving deeply into opposite mouths.

The first man feels strong hands turn him around and bend him over.

A hard, slender, dick fills his ass from behind.
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