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Mommy incest

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Mommy incest
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It started when I was in second grade.

He was eight years older than I was, but I never truly understood what was happening between us until years later.

My father was very strict and I hardly ever watched TV, so I never understood these things.

I never had anything to do with my siblings, and I never felt like I could come forward and talk about anything that happened to me with any one of them.

I dont remember all the details, all I remember was that there was touching and caressing almost daily until I was in my second year of Preparatory School.

So, almost six years I was very young and I didnt understand that what was happening was abnormal, but I started to think it was weird when he used to do it really fast and stop doing it whenever.

I always listened to him because he was older than I was, but when I thought about it again, I realized that it just wasnt normal.

I was in fourth grade when I told my mother he grabs my boobs, and sometimes unzips his pants and is this ok?

She got really angry and told my dad, and he beat him up, and everyone at home found out that he was beaten because of me, but they didnt know why.

I wished I could tell them that what he did to me deserved much more than just a beating.

Dad never spoke to me about it neither did Mum, and I never really understood.

I didnt even understand what masturbation was until I was in university!
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